Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Week With Veganism

We have begun our Week With Veganism and so far it's going eggcellently, or rather not so eggy.

For a few months now we have made the change to soy milk and found that a very easy transition. Our preferred brand by far is Vitasoy, either Vitasoy Original (organic soy beans) or the Soy Milky range. I especially enjoy the chocolate version - which will surprise no-one that knows me.

I have also found coffees and hot chocolates are just as enjoyable with soy milk. Although I'm not sure why coffee shops charge more for soy milk when it's really no more expensive than regular milk? Pure money making probably.

One difficulty we have had going vegan is pure habit. I went to eat a mini muffin that someone brought into work then when it was inches from my mouth remembered this week of veganism and placed it back in the tray. Hopefully none of my colleagues minded that I handled it - they didn't see anyway.

So far this week our friends have been very supportive which is surprising as vegan dinners are seen as quite a jump from vegetarian cooking, but the support is also not surprising as we have amazing friends. They have already made us a vegan dinner that has surpassed any we have made ourselves this week. Below is some home-made soba with eggplant and mango, and some coleslaw with the a dressing of peanut butter, sesame oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

But there is more of the week to go with some big challenges, which go by the names of  milk chocolate and that great vegan divider - honey...

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